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The Art of Drinking

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Planning a Party? A Shindig? A Wedding? A Backyard BBQ? A Fiesta? A Fancy Soiree? Then you better have enough drinks to go around! Never Fear, ABC DISCOUNT LIQUOR in Wichita, KS is here to make sure no guest leaves your get together thirsty. Here are some simple rules to make sure your event is a smashing success.


During most parties the average guest will drink 2 cocktails per hour for the first 2 hours and one every hour after so plan accordingly.


Most Folks will drink two 12oz beers every hour, unless its nascar… Man can those guys drink. Always get extra beer because the worst that happens is, you have extra beer.


We know, we’ve been there. You want to throw a get together on the cheap. Listen… to stay in your alcohol budget, serve wine, beer, and don’t try to get too fancy. If you are throwing a large party, kegs are a great way to serve multiple people. Kegs require a little more effort to set up, but once it is tapped the drinks keep on flowing. However, cases of beer do require lower maintenance and allow for more variety, as well as the ability to save them for a later date if they don’t get used. Just come in and talk to the friendly staff and they will help you figure out what fits your occasion the best.


This is only to help you get a basic idea of how to plan your beer, liquor, and other adult beverages around your party. The real knowledge is in the staff at ABC Discount Liquor. We can help you with what’s new and popular for most weddings, parties, and events. Feel Free to ask us any questions you have.


Don’t forget the ice, most party hosts will supply a half pound of ice per guest for chilling or drinking purposes.

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